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My IP Address FAQ

What is an IP address?
An IP address (internet protocol address) is a unique number that identifies a computer on a network. For internet purposes, it lets web servers know where to send information being requested.
What is my IP address? is the IP address of the computer requesting this web page.
Note: If your computer is connected to a router, then the IP address seen here is most likely the IP address of your router. Your router recieves information at this IP address on your behalf and then routes it (yup, that's why its called a router) to your computer via a different IP address which it assigned to your computer.
How can I get my IP address if my computer is behind a router?
If your computer is running Microsoft Windows XP, launch the command prompt (Select 'Run' from the start menu, enter 'cmd' and click 'ok'). Now type in the command 'ipconfig' and hit 'enter'. This will give you information about your network connection including your computer's ip address.
What does 'IP' stand for anyway?
IP stands for 'internet protocol'.
What is a 'dynamic IP address'?
A dynamic ip address is an ip address that changes regularly. For dial up users a new ip address is assigned to your computer every time you connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Cable modem and DSL users' ip addresses often change when the cable modem is reset or their computer is restarted.
What is a 'static IP address'?
A static ip address is an ip address that does not change.
How do I know if my computer has a dynamic or static IP address?
Most computers have a dynamic IP address. Static IP addresses are mainly utilized by servers.
Learn even more about IP addresses at: wikipedia.org.